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Accu-Chek Performa

Accu-Chek Performa

This stylish meter is easy to use, and offers helpful tools to help monitor diabetes. Leaving your patients free to plan their day for themselves, not for their diabetes.

Everyday easy, everyday accurate

Even on the go, your patients can set alerts that remind them to test at the right time - freeing their mind for more enjoyable things. Stay on top of blood glucose levels and be reminded of important testing times - like after a meal, or before sleep. Your patients can also share the information obtained using the markers with their healthcare team so that you can work together to support their diabetes management.

With its compact design and smart simplicity, the Accu-Chek Performa system offers everyday ease, with everyday accuracy.

  • Large LCD display with symbols for easy reading even in the dark.
  • No coding or set-up required. There is no initial set-up as the meter does not require coding, it is ready to use straight out of the box.
  • Bundled with the Accu-Chek FastClix finger pricker for virtually pain free lancing.

  1. Use the Accu-Chek FastClix finger pricker to obtain a drop of blood. Please follow the chapter in the reference manual on using the finger pricker.
  2. Insert a test strip into the meter. Symbols of a test strip and a flashing blood drop will appear on the display.
  3. Touch the drop of blood to the tip of the yellow end of the test strip.
  4. A flashing hourglass symbol and a beep will indicate that enough blood has been applied, and the result will appear on the display.

For more detailed instructions and training videos, please visit the Accu-Chek FastClix product support page.

User's manual

Download the Accu-Chek Performa User's Manual (PDF, 4.5mb)

Name of meterAccu-Chek Performa System
Name of consumablePerforma test strip
Test Strip product price£7.50 (50) test strips
Finger prickerAccu-Chek FastClix finger pricker provides easy lancing with a 1-click action to prime and release. Drum of 6 preloaded lancets - no individual lancets to see or touch.
Lancets product price £5.90 (204) lancets
ISO complianceAccu-Chek Performa fully conforms to the requirements of EN ISO 15197:2015 and ISO 15197:2013
Weight of blood glucose meter40g with batteries
Size of blood glucose meter94mm (H) x 52mm (W) x 21 mm (D)
Back lightLCD
Memory capacityMemory can store 500 tests including 7, 14, 30 and 90 day averages and pre- and post-meal averages.
Unable to delete readings from memoryIt is not possible to manually delete the readings from any Accu-Chek meter, however once the memory capacity is reached, adding a new result causes the oldest one to be deleted
Coding requiredNo coding is required
Set up required Only time and date set up required. Ready to use straight out of the box
Storage temperature range (meter) Store meter only at a temperature between minus 25°C and +70°C
Storage temperature range system (meter with batteries and strips)Store meter (with batteries and test strips) at a temperature between +2°C and +30°C
Operating temperature (meter and test strips) 10°C to 40°C
Measures only in mmol/L units 0.6-33.3 mmol/L
Enzyme systemMutant variant of the quino protein glucose dehydrogenase (Mut. Q-GDH)
Sample size0.6 µL
Under-fill detectionYes. On detection the Accu-Chek Performa meter gives the following error message: 'E-4'. A retest must be done
Measurement time5 Seconds
Haematocrit range10-65%
Ability to flag pre and post meal resultsYes
Alarm remindersYes (up to 4 per day)
Ketone testing functionNo
Talking meterNo
Suitability for carb counting patientsNo
PC download and softwareThe Accu-Chek Performa allows transfer of data via infrared cable to a Personal Computer (PC)
Self-eject test stripsNo. The test strips must be manually removed but are supplied in size that is easy to use and handle
Expiry date of test stripsExpiry is typicaly 18 months from production and is printed on the test strip vial
Patient supportFree helpline to patients is provided Monday to Friday 8am- 6pm (UK Freephone number 0800 701 000)
Safety advice: The Accu-Chek Performa blood glucose meter is intended for patient self-monitoring by an individual person only. It must not be used to collect blood in a multi-patient setting as it does not incorporate any features to guard against cross infection.

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