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Roche Diabetes Care educational courses and materials

At Roche Diabetes Care, we endeavour to support healthcare professionals and people with diabetes for whom they care by providing CPD accredited courses for HCPs and materials to help patients achieve more time in range.

Carb counting course

Roche Diabetes Care can offer training and materials to facilitate the delivery of a short (3-4 hours) Carb Counting Course for people with diabetes, by a dietician or Healthcare Professional. The course materials include evaluation forms for use before and after in order for you to track patients' developing understanding of carb counting and how they can achieve more time in range.

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Carb Counting Course

Diabetes Education - Why it's so crucial to care:

Diabetes education is the cornerstone of diabetes management and can support people with the day to day tasks of living with diabetes.

Evidence demonstrates, that even just 3 hours of carbohydrate counting training and the use of an automated bolus advisor can have a significant effect on patient outcomes, including HbA1c (-0.8%), Quality of Life and increase time in range!1

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1. Schmidt S, Meldgaard M, Serifovski N, et al. Use of an automated bolus calculator in MDI-treated type 1 diabetes: the BolusCal Study, a randomized controlled pilot study. Diabetes Care 2012; 35(5):984-990.

Accu-Chek website

A variety of online resources are available for your patients to help them stay informed and inspired. There are downloadable leaflets as well as blog articles, news and recipes for a healthy lifestyle.

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